Configure AWS Cloud9

The AWS Cloud9 development environment is created for you as part of the CloudFormation template. You have to complete the configuration of the environment by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the AWS Cloud9 console. If you are running the workshop on your own the environment is called beam-workshop. If you are attending an AWS hosted event, there is only one development environment available in the account. Once you have found the development environment, click on the Open IDE button.

  2. The code repository is automatically cloned into your environment the first time you open the IDE.

  3. Open a terminal window by choosing Window and then New Terminal form the menu bar at the top. Execute the following commands to configure your environment.

    sh ./code/misc/ -s $C9_PROJECT

  4. The last output that is generated should look like the following:

    download: s3://beam-workshop-historictripsef9d049f-8lf5u3xscqz4/target/amazon-kinesis-replay-0.1.0.jar to replay/amazon-kinesis-replay-0.1.0.jar
    download: s3://beam-workshop-historictripsef9d049f-8lf5u3xscqz4/target/amazon-kinesis-analytics-beam-taxi-consumer-0.2.0.jar to replay/amazon-kinesis-analytics-beam-taxi-consumer-0.2.0.jar