Retrieve Windows password

In order to connect to the Windows instance, you need to retrieve the corresponding password. The Windows instance has been configured to set a random password on the first startup. The password is also stored securely in the AWS Secrets Manager from where you will obtain it.

  1. Navigate to the CloudFormation console and select the correct CloudFormation stack. If you are running the workshop on your own the Stack is called beam-workshop and if you are attending an AWS hosted event, there is only one Stack available in the account.

  2. Verify that the CloudFormation stack was created successfully and is in the state CREATE_COMPLETED. Then, navigate to the Output section of the CloudFormation template.

    Lauch stack

  3. Take a note of the public ip address of the EC2 instance containing the development environment and open the link for DevEnvironmentCredentials to navigate to AWS Secrets Manager. AWS Secrets Manager lets you easily rotate, manage, and retrieve database credentials, API keys, and other secrets through their lifecycle.

    Lauch stack

  4. In the AWS Secrets Manager console, click on Retrieve secret value to obtain the Administrator password that has been set for the instance


  5. Copy the password for the next section, where you log in to the Windows instance over RDP.