Create a Kinesis data stream

You start with creating a Kinesis data stream.

  1. Navigate to the Kinesis Console

  2. If displayed, up press Get Started in the service welcome dialog

  3. Select Create data stream to navigate to the Amazon Kinesis Data Stream service:

  4. Choose beam-workshop as Kinesis stream name

  5. Enter 4 as the Number of shards.

    A Shard is the base throughput unit of an Amazon Kinesis data stream. One shard provides a capacity of 1MB/sec data input and 2MB/sec data output. One shard can support up to 1000 PUT records per second. You will specify the number of shards needed when you create a data stream. For example, we create a data stream with four shards. This data stream has a throughput of 4MB/sec data input and 8MB/sec data output, and allows up to 4000 put records per second. You can monitor shard-level metrics in Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and add or remove shards from your data stream dynamically as your data throughput changes by resharding the data stream.

  6. Select Create Kinesis stream at the bottom of the page

  7. After a few moments, the data stream should have been created successfully and be in an Active state

  8. We are now ready to create the Firehose delivery stream.