Configure Beam pipeline in batch mode

  1. Navigate to the AWS CloudFormation console and select the CloudFormation template that has been created for the workshop. Click on the Outputs tab and copy the value of the key InputS3Pattern.

  2. Then, navigate to the Kinesis Data Analytics console and select the application you have created earlier

  3. Press the blue Configure button next to the name of the application

  4. Expand the properties section, select the BeamApplicationProperties group and click on Edit group

  5. Change the value of Source to s3and add a row with the Key InputS3Pattern and value you have copied from the output section of the CloudFormation template.

    KDA batch configuration

  6. Confirm these changes by pressing Save. Apply the changes to the application by pressing Update at the bottom of the page.

Changing these options will change the source of the application, but it will leave the remaining code unchanged. Instead of reading events in a streaming fashion from a data stream, the aplication will now read the historic data set from Amazon S3.

	input = p
		.apply("S3 source", TextIO
		.apply("Parse S3 events",ParDo.of(new EventParser.S3Parser()));

Once you have updated the settings, your application will be redeployed which takes 1-2 minutes.