Accessing the Dashboard

Open Flink Web Dashboard

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Flink Dashboard Wide View

The Flink Dashboard made available to Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink is set to Read-Only, so tasks like deploying jars and modifying configuration are not enabled.

Take note of the following components of the Flink Dashboard, as they can be useful for troubleshooting your Flink applciations.

  1. [LEFT] Running Jobs - Your running application name and the duration it has been running without manual restarts.
  2. [LEFT] Task Managers - The compute nodes that are running the tasks within the application.
  3. [Right] Running Job List - Contains the list of jobs running - should only ever be one within KDA
    1. The Start Time of the Application
    2. Duration the job has been running
    3. Number of Tasks (total subtasks of the application)
    4. Status - Running, Failing, Stopped, Cancelled