Configure KDA application

The skeleton of the application has now been created. But you still need to adapt important configuration options, including the location of the Jar file on S3, the name of the Kinesis data stream to read from, and the Elasticsearch endpoint.

  1. On the resulting page press the blue Configure button to configure the Kinesis Analytics application.

  2. Enter the bucket and prefix of the compiled jar file under Amazon S3 bucket and Path to Amazon S3 object. You can obtain the correct values from the Output section of the CloudFormation template under FlinkApplicationJarBucket and FlinkApplicationJarObject.

    Configure KDA Application

  3. Expand the Properties section and select Create group.

  4. In the resulting dialog, choose FlinkApplicationProperties as Group ID and add the following two key/value pairs and confirm with Save:

    1. InputStreamName with the name of the Kinesis stream you’ve created earlier, eg, streaming-analytics-workshop
    2. ElasticsearchEndpoint with the Elasticsearch https endpoint you have noted earlier

    Configure Property Group

  5. Expand the Snapshots section and Disable snapshots for the application

    Enabling snapshots allows the service to maintain the state of a Flink application in case of application updates but also when recovering from infrastructure or application errors. So for production environments it is highly desirable to keep snapshots enabled.

  6. Expand the Monitoring section. Select Task as Monitoring metrics level and enable CloudWatch logging.

    Configure Monitoring

  7. Keep the default settings for Scaling and VPC Connectivity and press the blue Update button at the bottom of the page to update the properties of the application