Execute the Flink program

Now that everything is set up correctly, you can execute the basic Flink program that has been cloned from the Github repository. It will simply read the events that have been sent to the Kinesis stream and print them on standard out.

  1. Click on Project in the upper left of the IntelliJ window

  2. Navigate to and double click on the ProcessTaxiStreamLocal class by gradually expanding the tree structure of the project: amazon-kinesis-analytics-taxi-consumer -> src -> main -> java -> com.amazonaws.samples.kaja.taxi.consumer

  3. Start the execution of the program by clicking on the green arrow next to the main method and then choosing Run

  4. Once the Flink job has initialized, the TripEvents that are received from the Kinesis stream are displayed in the lower part of the IDE

  5. Stop the local execution of the Flink application by pressing the red square or by choosing Run -> Stop from the menu